Potato Gun

A harmless outdoor fun gun, a quick pull on the trigger and it shoots out a harmless potato pellet.

The Question Block Lamp

The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer, and child. The lamp is touch sensitive, and turns on and off by tapping

Firewood Kindling Splitter

Create your firewood with this firewood kindling splitter. Splitting a firewood never been so much easier before some one got idea to build

Steampunk Coffee Maker

Steampunk Coffee Maker or Steampunk Coffee Brewer, Make the best cup of coffee you could imagine with a combination of science and elegance.

Corner Spa Cabinet

A great outdoor product, having a good hot tub time in your courtyard. It doesn't absorb moisture and repels dirt and grime.

Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone

Would you believe it a fidget spinner phone?. This Compact, lightweight, portable mobile phone is a  fidget spinner, or a fidget spinner i

Wine Condom

Protection always, use this wine condoms for your opened wine bottles. That time is over when you worries about opened wine bottles. Wine C

Party Beer Scooter

This Motorized Ride-able Cooler can holds 24 Canned Beverages with Ice. It's a lightweight electric scooter with a built-in cooler. It's ab

Wolf Underwear

Take your underwear collection to next level with funny wolf underwear. You can make this as a unique gifts for someone so special to ladies

Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask, Awesome conversation piece. Wear this latex mask with realistic fur mane to your next social function and watch as people s

Thor’s Hammer Bluetoot..

This Thor's Hammer Bluetooth speaker hits you with sound. No one want to get a hit on their face, a music hit is fine anyways. It's a nice f

Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Do you need grenades for your party? Don't worry I am talking about ice cubes. Now you can make ice cubes look like grenades to chill your p

Unicorn Underwear

Unicorn face knickers with a fixed plush unicorn horn. Your secret is not a secret anymore. This party costume is a perfect gift for any fun

Unicorn Party Pool Float

Enjoy your summer with this magic Unicorn Party Pool Float in your pool. Made of premium UV treated raft grade vinyl 25% thicker than the

Cards Against Humanity

Horrible people play cards against humanity while partying. Very simple game, each round one question will be asking from black card and eve

Drunken Tower Drinking Game

Drunken Tower is the hilarious adult party game that simultaneously gauges your dexterity and sobriety. Put your skills in it to play this d

Marshall Amplifier Fridge

The Marshall Fridge is a mini refrigerator that very much look like Marshal Amplifier. It's a perfect Gift for men those who like cold bever

Flower Spoon Set

This incredible flower spoon set will stand out in your kitchen and grab attention of your guest. No need to worry about paint shedding from

Confetti High Five

Why not use this FiestaFive for showing the high five to your friends.The confetti high five device comes with 5 confetti cartridges. Perfe

Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Stop fooling around with a bad wrong Dino costume. This Halloween you can steal the show with a real Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume Dino cos

Cash Money Gun

Do you want a gun that fires cash, instead of bullets? If yes this is for you, this gun is apt for office parties, bachelor parties, strip c

Bum Shorts

Make your friends and family laugh by wearing this funny and sexy shorts. This funny costume is one of the  best shorts for men to make som

Canned Unicorn Meat

No fooling around- Unicorn meat is real!. This 5.5-ounce delicious unicorn meat, canned for your convenience in  beautiful can. You will e

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Happy man is real life saver as bottle stopper. You wine lovers can keep the wine fresh and tasty for long time. Grow some lads  go for sho

Animal Butt Magnets

You will laugh when you see all these animal but magnets. These plastic half shapes is fun for any age kids or adults. Set of 6 strong anim

Toilet Bowl Mug

It brings a dirty smile on your face while you drink the coffee in the morning using toilet mug.  The bowl of the toilet holds your favorit

Batman Blanket

Stay warm in your couch with a cup of coffee and wearing this super hero Batman blanket. This blanket will keep you warm in winter days. It

Butt Station

Everyone hates boring office, but bring some fun with this Butt Station. You can use this but station for keeping your office supplies and

Bacon Bandages

Cover your cuts and wounds with an bandage that mimic your favorite breakfast item. These are same like a traditional bandages but with funn

Garbage Can Fly Trap

Flies love garbage as much they love their food. They are so annoying as they buzz around and ruin your fun  moments. It's disgusting that

Go Away Doormat

Do you have an annoying guest always showing up on the doorsteps? If yes this is for you a traditional Coir mat with a Go Away design. This

Multiple Bottle Holder

Perfect for Beach, Camping, Tailgating, Sporting Events and more. This Multiple Bottle Holder is making sure your drinks always cold while y

Joking Hazard Card Game

Joking Hazard party game card from minds of Cyanide & Happiness. Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics about frie

Army Airsoft Mini Gun

If you want to win a battle, you have to have this Airsoft Mini Gun. When you think of a mini-gun, do think of a beast. This full metal mini

Perverted Genie Lamp

Perverted Genie Lamp is amazing. You can wear it to a costume party at a local club or Halloween party. Girls never met before will be comin

Christmas Tree Costume

You will not disappointed by this costume, as this can bring fun to your family gatherings, office parties etc. I would love to present this

Falcon Mascot Costume

This professional level mascot costume is light weight and extremely durable. Embody one of the most intimidating birds of prey to keep scho

Vacuum Nasal Sniffer Gold

Do you want any substance that you want to snort but please clean it really well before using. It is made with solid metal and easy to clean

What Do You Meme

This is the new party game that everyone talking about. Compete with your friends to make some funniest moments in your life Note: Do not pl

Insulated Can Cooler

Every single one out there hates warm beer. That's why this is or you HOPSULATOR TRíO, the most functional drinking accessory on the planet

The Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot will provide all the power and ease of use right away I was able to hit a 30 feet away target pretty regularly. It works gre