I Didn’t Fart Coffee Mug

The I Didn't Fart My Ass Blew You a Kiss ceramic coffee mug is a great gift idea for a coffee or tea lover, packed in a durable gift box

The Hamburger Bed

Do you want to sleep like a burger king, with nice toppings and side drinks. This delicious bed will wrap you up in a  nice lettuce and che

Lion X Floor Light

King of jungle, Haoshi's Lion X Light is a life size lamp, meticulously crafted in the shape of a lion. Made with fiber reinforced plastics

Golden Eye 007 Watch

Do you remember the James Bond in Golden Eye. Become the proud owner of the Swiss Army knife of watches when you acquire one of these Golde

The Question Block Lamp

The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer, and child. The lamp is touch sensitive, and turns on and off by tapping

Royal Wedding Flag

Celebrate the British Royal Wedding in style with this fantastic decorative big  flag featuring Prince Harry & Meghan Markle!.  

Programmable Smart Ring

You can connect your smartphone to this ring, you won't believe it. It's a ceramic eclipse NFC ring - The Original Programmable Smart Ring

The Phone Nightstand

You have got a nightstand that can connect all your electronic gadgets at one place. This 21'st century nightstand  is a built-in wireless

Corner Spa Cabinet

A great outdoor product, having a good hot tub time in your courtyard. It doesn't absorb moisture and repels dirt and grime.

Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone

Would you believe it a fidget spinner phone?. This Compact, lightweight, portable mobile phone is a  fidget spinner, or a fidget spinner i

Smart Egg

The AICO Smart Egg  is an infrared remote control, same like your other house hold items.  But this egg shaped remote control will amaze

Cricket Bat Cone

The Sigma Cricket Bat Cone is the easy way to re grip your bats. The Grip Applicator is ideal for fitting rubber grips to handles quick and

Electric Shocker Calculator

Electric Shocker Calculator is gag gift look likes a calculator, but when someone uses it, they get shock. Don't break it. This will reveal

Kindle Paper white E-reader

Glare free in sunlight, this kindle E-reader is perfect gift for your loved ones. You can read comfortably with this E-reader using one hand

Beer Belt Bandolier

Be the life of the party with this 12-pack bandolier vest. Conveniently holds 12 cans and adjusts to fit most.

Animal Paw Crew Socks

Would you like to wear an animal paw on your real paws. Sounds creepy right?. This costume is for you, your leg will look like animal paw.

Party Beer Scooter

This Motorized Ride-able Cooler can holds 24 Canned Beverages with Ice. It's a lightweight electric scooter with a built-in cooler. It's ab

Hair Brush Secret Flask

A hair comb look like secret flask which hold 6oz alcohol. The best women's hidden flask with a mirror on the other sides.

The Dad Bag Belly Pack

Extra large storage capacity dad bag belly pack is the best companion for you in your shopping time. This One size fits most people out th

Poké Ball Lunch Case

Do you love Pokemon?. You will like this  Pokémon trainers lunch case in nice colors. An exclusive gift product from ThinkGeek. &n

Wolf Underwear

Take your underwear collection to next level with funny wolf underwear. You can make this as a unique gifts for someone so special to ladies

Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask, Awesome conversation piece. Wear this latex mask with realistic fur mane to your next social function and watch as people s

Thor’s Hammer Bluetoot..

This Thor's Hammer Bluetooth speaker hits you with sound. No one want to get a hit on their face, a music hit is fine anyways. It's a nice f

Mini Desk Vacuum

This Mini Desk Vacuum is perfect for your desk, even travelling in your car. Known as the world's smallest vacuum cleaner, has  4ft USB ca

Crosman Airbow

Crosman  Airbow is a powerful gun shooting arrows. Fires 26" arrows at a velocity 450 feet per second .

Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Do you need grenades for your party? Don't worry I am talking about ice cubes. Now you can make ice cubes look like grenades to chill your p

Airplane Travel Pillow

We are all been there, sitting in an uncomfortable plane seat. If you don't get that money to travel in first class, this pillow is for you.

Human Couple Key Holder

Very well made and cute human couple key holder.  One for you and one for your partner. Very good gift for home and offices.