Salt Shooting Gun

Salt Shooting Gun, No batteries required,Pop-up sight indicator. Best  gifts for your action hero friend.

The Chaos Machine

How to learn real concepts and math behind the Chaos Theory, this Chaos Machine is the right tool for you. A great gift to kids above 12 ag

Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone

Would you believe it a fidget spinner phone?. This Compact, lightweight, portable mobile phone is a  fidget spinner, or a fidget spinner i

Joking Hazard Card Game

Joking Hazard party game card from minds of Cyanide & Happiness. Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics about frie

Army Airsoft Mini Gun

If you want to win a battle, you have to have this Airsoft Mini Gun. When you think of a mini-gun, do think of a beast. This full metal mini

Darth Vader Full Face Mask

Darth Vader Full Face Mask is great to dress up fun for Halloween, Christmas, mardi gras, Easter etc. Darth Vader also charted IGN’s list

The Dark Knight Batman Mask

Just be a batman for your Halloween party, people should remember the Gotham city old. For sure you are going to be surprise your colleagues

What Do You Meme

This is the new party game that everyone talking about. Compete with your friends to make some funniest moments in your life Note: Do not pl

LEGO Flying Drone

Let's get your creativity upward. Using this Lego blocks you can create a flying drone from very first block.This eight motor propeller syst

The Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot will provide all the power and ease of use right away I was able to hit a 30 feet away target pretty regularly. It works gre

Lighter gun. Don’t get..

It's not a real gun, but allows you light your cigar in stylish way. This creative designed gun with LED lights + revolver metal lighters wi

Spinning Gymnastics Guy Toy

Spinning Gymnastics Guy Toy you will need to get this Gymnastics guy upright position on the score mat. You are rewarded points based on whe