Mixtape Cassette Doormat

Do you like to have a big mix tape on your door step. This door mat look like a vintage mix tape, will entertain your guests. Best gag gift

Peekapet – Car Window ..

Peekapet is a revolutionary product designed to make your dog’s car ride more safe while adding a little style. It's good gift to your won

LED Light Star Pillow

LED light star pillow gives out colorful color changing light when power on. Nice gift for lover, friends or families in the Christmas day

The Question Block Lamp

The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer, and child. The lamp is touch sensitive, and turns on and off by tapping

Electric Shocker Calculator

Electric Shocker Calculator is gag gift look likes a calculator, but when someone uses it, they get shock. Don't break it. This will reveal

Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

Looks just like a Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros, this Mario Chain Chomp Lamp is very awesome. Head swivels and pivots for directed ang

Animal Paw Crew Socks

Would you like to wear an animal paw on your real paws. Sounds creepy right?. This costume is for you, your leg will look like animal paw.

Airplane Travel Pillow

We are all been there, sitting in an uncomfortable plane seat. If you don't get that money to travel in first class, this pillow is for you.

Cards Against Humanity

Horrible people play cards against humanity while partying. Very simple game, each round one question will be asking from black card and eve

Zombie Survival Guide

This book can help you to survive the zombies attack.  This comprehensive and fully illustrated book will guide you to prepare and survive

Batman Blanket

Stay warm in your couch with a cup of coffee and wearing this super hero Batman blanket. This blanket will keep you warm in winter days. It

Butt Station

Everyone hates boring office, but bring some fun with this Butt Station. You can use this but station for keeping your office supplies and

Lego Brick Mug

Who wants build a mug with lego brick and at the same time play with it. Be ready to ake your own lego cup with thes fancy blocks. This Lego

What Do You Meme

This is the new party game that everyone talking about. Compete with your friends to make some funniest moments in your life Note: Do not pl

Star Trek Horga’hn Can..

Star Trek Horga'hn Candle Holder is full-size replica of the Risan fertility symbol. You should try this on a romantic evening with your swe

Moon Accent Night Lamp

Do you like moon light? Everybody does like moon light. Why don't you gift some a controllable moon light? The ultra-realistic look is crea