Table Tennis Notebooks

A set of 3 notebooks that can be used for an impromptu game of Ping Pong! one notebook forms the Net while the other two can be used as ‘B

Lion X Floor Light

King of jungle, Haoshi's Lion X Light is a life size lamp, meticulously crafted in the shape of a lion. Made with fiber reinforced plastics

Programmable Smart Ring

You can connect your smartphone to this ring, you won't believe it. It's a ceramic eclipse NFC ring - The Original Programmable Smart Ring

Business Card Cutter

Turn your desktop printer into an instant business card maker. You can just skip the agencies that cut the business card and start produce y

The Phone Nightstand

You have got a nightstand that can connect all your electronic gadgets at one place. This 21'st century nightstand  is a built-in wireless

Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone

Would you believe it a fidget spinner phone?. This Compact, lightweight, portable mobile phone is a  fidget spinner, or a fidget spinner i

Smart Egg

The AICO Smart Egg  is an infrared remote control, same like your other house hold items.  But this egg shaped remote control will amaze

Electric Shocker Calculator

Electric Shocker Calculator is gag gift look likes a calculator, but when someone uses it, they get shock. Don't break it. This will reveal

Kindle Paper white E-reader

Glare free in sunlight, this kindle E-reader is perfect gift for your loved ones. You can read comfortably with this E-reader using one hand

Leather Purse

It’s a perfect women purse for daily use, you can hold in on hand with the wrist strap, or just put it in your bag.

Porcelain Coffee Cup Mug

Hand-painted porcelain peachy orange mug with taupe rim/top of handle. Raised cream message area on front with "I'm a Grandma. What's Your S

Diamond heart ring

14k solid gold diamond heart on a polished solid gold band, timeless, and effortlessly chic, available in 14k solid yellow, rose and white g

Masterpiece Wall Decal

Masterpiece Wall Decal will decorate your wall like a master piece. A perfect gift for your lovely Mother who loves to keep her walls beauti

Candle Combo

Can't decide what to get the special mom in your life? We made it easy and paired two of our most popular scents together and created the 'M

Beer Belt Bandolier

Be the life of the party with this 12-pack bandolier vest. Conveniently holds 12 cans and adjusts to fit most.

Thor’s Hammer Bluetoot..

This Thor's Hammer Bluetooth speaker hits you with sound. No one want to get a hit on their face, a music hit is fine anyways. It's a nice f

Mini Desk Vacuum

This Mini Desk Vacuum is perfect for your desk, even travelling in your car. Known as the world's smallest vacuum cleaner, has  4ft USB ca

Crosman Airbow

Crosman  Airbow is a powerful gun shooting arrows. Fires 26" arrows at a velocity 450 feet per second .

Airplane Travel Pillow

We are all been there, sitting in an uncomfortable plane seat. If you don't get that money to travel in first class, this pillow is for you.

Human Couple Key Holder

Very well made and cute human couple key holder.  One for you and one for your partner. Very good gift for home and offices.

Nightstand Fridge

Grab your favorite beverage while you on bed from this cool nightstand look a like fridge. The man will be happy when beverage in hand.

Remote Control Gun Lamp

Control your home lighting by pulling the trigger in your hands. From fifty feet distance, you can fire the gun against the lamp shade to li

Marshall Amplifier Fridge

The Marshall Fridge is a mini refrigerator that very much look like Marshal Amplifier. It's a perfect Gift for men those who like cold bever

Confetti High Five

Why not use this FiestaFive for showing the high five to your friends.The confetti high five device comes with 5 confetti cartridges. Perfe

Fidget Spinner

Do you really want to release your anxiety? I would suggest trying Fidget Spinner. Take this tool to your home, keep your family members hea

Gummi Bear Skeleton Anatomy

Gummy Bears are an iconic gelatin candy that everyone loves to eat. But this creepy Gummy Bear Anatomy Puzzle is a 41-part sculpture depicti

Solar Phone Charger

Utilizing the natural power of the sun is not only free but it also preserves the natural resources found on Earth. This portable solar char

Cash Money Gun

Do you want a gun that fires cash, instead of bullets? If yes this is for you, this gun is apt for office parties, bachelor parties, strip c

Alarm Clock Rug

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning? wish you could have a robot literally rip you out of bed? Well now, this is the time to buy an al

Butt Station

Everyone hates boring office, but bring some fun with this Butt Station. You can use this but station for keeping your office supplies and

Garbage Can Fly Trap

Flies love garbage as much they love their food. They are so annoying as they buzz around and ruin your fun  moments. It's disgusting that

Standing Desk Balance Board

Standing Desk Balance Board is a innovative product that maximize standing while working by engaging your mind and body. It's a lot more fun

The NoPhone Air

The NoPhone Air is a invisible phone that good for cell phone addicted people. It's perfect gift those who need no phone. When you open the

Lego Brick Mug

Who wants build a mug with lego brick and at the same time play with it. Be ready to ake your own lego cup with thes fancy blocks. This Lego

The Bed Fan

If you are constantly removing the bed sheet to get some cool air because you aren’t getting cool air under your bed sheet. This bed fan w

Army Airsoft Mini Gun

If you want to win a battle, you have to have this Airsoft Mini Gun. When you think of a mini-gun, do think of a beast. This full metal mini