Cat Necklace

A beautifully crafted pendant, a perfect gift for your grandson or sister in law.

Mixtape Cassette Doormat

Do you like to have a big mix tape on your door step. This door mat look like a vintage mix tape, will entertain your guests. Best gag gift

Coyote Urine

You won't believe that you can buy coyote urine from  Amazon. Pure natural coyote urine 4oz Aerosol spray Provides faster more e

Inflatable Party Sheep

Perfect gift for that upcoming bachelor party, birthday, retirement, or fraternity party. Of course, you could also get a Party Sh

Live Ladybugs

A favorite "good bug" and alternative to chemicals, ladybugs have been a popular part of the Orcon line of beneficial insects for

I Didn’t Fart Coffee Mug

The I Didn't Fart My Ass Blew You a Kiss ceramic coffee mug is a great gift idea for a coffee or tea lover, packed in a durable gift box

Mini Magnetic Sperm Cell

Egg Cell XL (10") & Sperm Cell mini come attached by magnet! Great way to learn about the birds and the bees Perfect for GIANT

Fake Potatoes 

Don't go wrong with these potatoes . These fake potatoes will cost you 4 times more than the actual potato.

The Bathroom Guest Book

Who don't want to write something about their experience when sitting on the throne. Even little comments like, soda can  be more bigger in

Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask, Awesome conversation piece. Wear this latex mask with realistic fur mane to your next social function and watch as people s

Unicorn Paper Towel Holder

Did you see our dinosaur paper towel holder, we posted while ago. When you want to see a unicorn magic in your kitchen this is a perfect gi

Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Do you need grenades for your party? Don't worry I am talking about ice cubes. Now you can make ice cubes look like grenades to chill your p

Cards Against Humanity

Horrible people play cards against humanity while partying. Very simple game, each round one question will be asking from black card and eve

Confetti High Five

Why not use this FiestaFive for showing the high five to your friends.The confetti high five device comes with 5 confetti cartridges. Perfe

Gift Of Nothing

Don't surprise if you receive a message that you received a gift of nothing. It's real, a perfect gift for those who loves no gifts at their

Driving Message Display

Send a clear message to driver behind him by using this LED car sign display lights.  You can select this emoticon messages from middle fin

Butt Face Soap

This is for them those who worry about when and where the soap touches certain part of the body. This will be exactly like Face-Butt towel,

Gummi Bear Skeleton Anatomy

Gummy Bears are an iconic gelatin candy that everyone loves to eat. But this creepy Gummy Bear Anatomy Puzzle is a 41-part sculpture depicti

Plush tonsil

A plush tonsil for anyone who’s parted with an actual one. So cute it hurts. Adorable 9.5″ x 6″ x 4.5″ plush tonsil will never do yo

Afro Curly Wig for Dogs

An afro wig for dog, someone loves to see their dog as party dog. A stylish afro look wig comes with adjustable chin strap. With this costum

Bum Shorts

Make your friends and family laugh by wearing this funny and sexy shorts. This funny costume is one of the  best shorts for men to make som

Zombie Survival Guide

This book can help you to survive the zombies attack.  This comprehensive and fully illustrated book will guide you to prepare and survive

Canned Unicorn Meat

No fooling around- Unicorn meat is real!. This 5.5-ounce delicious unicorn meat, canned for your convenience in  beautiful can. You will e

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Happy man is real life saver as bottle stopper. You wine lovers can keep the wine fresh and tasty for long time. Grow some lads  go for sho

Animal Butt Magnets

You will laugh when you see all these animal but magnets. These plastic half shapes is fun for any age kids or adults. Set of 6 strong anim

Toilet Bowl Mug

It brings a dirty smile on your face while you drink the coffee in the morning using toilet mug.  The bowl of the toilet holds your favorit

Batman Blanket

Stay warm in your couch with a cup of coffee and wearing this super hero Batman blanket. This blanket will keep you warm in winter days. It

Bacon Bandages

Cover your cuts and wounds with an bandage that mimic your favorite breakfast item. These are same like a traditional bandages but with funn

Girlfriend Pillow with Arm

Human Being Substitute You Can Buy, a Girlfriend Pillow with Arm is on sale. Thinking about sleeping alone will produce isolated feeling, so

Joking Hazard Card Game

Joking Hazard party game card from minds of Cyanide & Happiness. Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics about frie

The Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot will provide all the power and ease of use right away I was able to hit a 30 feet away target pretty regularly. It works gre

Nature’s Dick Pics Cal..

The Nature's Dick Pics 2018 Wall Calendar reminds you mother nature is the greatest. If you tour the world you will thousands sculptures, or

Soap with a hole

A really great gag gift for men. Sometimes getting clean is dirty, if you using this soap. Want to change your day start with some pretty sh