Deodorant Can Flask

Multi-Flasking's Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask (Patent Pending) looks EXACTLY like the body spray you buy in the store. We have made this

Mystic Pint Glass

Remember the Magic 8 ball? The Mystic Pint is the same idea but with 27 ounces of your favorite beverage. The perfect instrument when you ne

Spin The Shot Drinking Game

Remember Spin the Bottle? Spin the Shot is the same game, except you're playing for shots and there is no kissing involved; unless you want

Gem Water Glass Bottle

Adding stumbled rocks in the water will structure your drinking water very much. This  Gem Water Glass Bottle help you to do that.

Steampunk Coffee Maker

Steampunk Coffee Maker or Steampunk Coffee Brewer, Make the best cup of coffee you could imagine with a combination of science and elegance.

Wine Condom

Protection always, use this wine condoms for your opened wine bottles. That time is over when you worries about opened wine bottles. Wine C

Fruit Infuser Bottle

Stay healthy with this 100% leak proof fruit infuser bottle, your mom will like it. You can drink favorite combo peaches and oranges like d

Beer Belt Bandolier

Be the life of the party with this 12-pack bandolier vest. Conveniently holds 12 cans and adjusts to fit most.

Magnetic Measuring Spoon

Keep your spoon very near to you while cooking. These spoons hold it firmly against the fridge or any other metal surface in your kitchen. A

Party Beer Scooter

This Motorized Ride-able Cooler can holds 24 Canned Beverages with Ice. It's a lightweight electric scooter with a built-in cooler. It's ab

Hair Brush Secret Flask

A hair comb look like secret flask which hold 6oz alcohol. The best women's hidden flask with a mirror on the other sides.

Banana Slicer

A must have kitchen equipment, banana slicer. Perfect gift for your mom to make nice banana sandwich.

Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Do you need grenades for your party? Don't worry I am talking about ice cubes. Now you can make ice cubes look like grenades to chill your p

Nightstand Fridge

Grab your favorite beverage while you on bed from this cool nightstand look a like fridge. The man will be happy when beverage in hand.

Drunken Tower Drinking Game

Drunken Tower is the hilarious adult party game that simultaneously gauges your dexterity and sobriety. Put your skills in it to play this d

Marshall Amplifier Fridge

The Marshall Fridge is a mini refrigerator that very much look like Marshal Amplifier. It's a perfect Gift for men those who like cold bever

Camel Fat

Best alternative for your daily fat supply like cooking oil and other nutrients. Traditionally used for: Coconut oil,sweet potato fries,sa

Camera Lens Cup

Camera Lens Cup, you will get confused as it is look like real camera lens cover. Makes the people real jealous when you sip your coffee fro

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Happy man is real life saver as bottle stopper. You wine lovers can keep the wine fresh and tasty for long time. Grow some lads  go for sho

Toilet Bowl Mug

It brings a dirty smile on your face while you drink the coffee in the morning using toilet mug.  The bowl of the toilet holds your favorit