Happy Half Pint Glass

The Barbuzzo brand centers around fun and cheerful gifts and barware for the home. Our design strategy and influences are inspired by combin

Pancake Food Printer

This PancakeBot will use some software to print a perfect pancake from any image you traced. This printer will keep your mouth wide open as

Hippo Bottle Opener

A serious bite to your bottle by using the hippo bottle opener. This hefty hippo also makes an impressive ornament for your home or kitchen

T-Rex Bottle Opener

Do you want a dinosaur to open your beer bottle, a hilarious gift to your  party loving friend. This gag gift is real tool, but a gift for

Corn Dog Maker

Do you want to try making the corn dogs in your kitchen, try this perfect gift.   Watch this video to see your corn dog maker in ac

Deodorant Can Flask

Multi-Flasking's Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask (Patent Pending) looks EXACTLY like the body spray you buy in the store. We have made this